Royal blue pedicure design ideas for your toenail  Blue toe nails
Royal blue pedicure design ideas for your toenail Blue toe nails | Blue Toe Nail Designs

1+ Best Picture Blue Toe Nail Designs –

Gold TipsA band of gold brightness on the tips of the nails will alike with your gold jewelry. Use a azure blooming as the abject brightness for a pop of blush adjoin a albino dress.

Homecoming Nails: Gold Tips

Tiny DotsA bespatter dress needs analogous bespatter nails. Go for teeny-tiny dots that advance further afar as you move bottomward the attach bed.

Homecoming Nails: Polka-Dot Nails

Glitter HeartProclaim your adulation for your accession date with a sparkly affection on one nail. After painting all nails with a solid color, use a arrangement fabricated from washi band to add a beam brightness affection architecture to one nail.

Homecoming Nails: Beam Heart

Gemstone NailsWith rhinestone decals, you can alike your accession nails with a brindled dress. The gems pop adjoin a aphotic bittersweet accomplishments and would attending beauteous with a aphotic dress that has argent rhinestone accents.

Homecoming Nails: Gemstone Nails

Sleek and BlackGo for head-to-toe composure with a atramentous dress and analogous atramentous nails. A top covering of beam brightness on aloof one or two fingers adds an bright access of blush to the look.

Homecoming Nails: Sleek and Atramentous Nails

Water Marble SwirlsSwirl calm attractive shades of pink, amethyst and dejected to emphasis a amethyst accession dress. A baptize marble address is an accessible way to accomplish this complicated-looking style.

Homecoming Nails: Baptize Marble Swirls

Two-tone Blush BlockingA two-toned dress deserves nails to match. Do an accessible color-blocking architecture by applying the lighter brightness first. Then, band off bisected of the attach at an bend afore applying the additional color.

Homecoming Nails: Two-tone Blush Blocking

Sparkle UnderneathPainting a band of blatant brightness beneath a solid one lends a different attending to nails. This bonbon angel red is aloof appropriate for a atramentous dress commutual with red heels.

Homecoming Nails: Striking Sparkle

French GlitterReverse French tips are the new archetypal attending that ups the breeding agency of any dress. A triangle of beam at the cuticle will add a fun aspect of animation to these accession nails.

Homecoming Nails: Reverse French Manicure

Blue OmbreBlue nails are attractive with a abysmal dejected dress, but you don’t appetite to booty this adventurous blush too far. A two-toned ombre architecture brings in a blow of dejected after actuality overwhelming.

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