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My admired affair about acrylic nails is additionally kinda my atomic admired affair about acrylic nails: There are so abounding freaking architecture options to chose from that it can feel majorly cutting back it comes to award inspo. Like, do you go air-conditioned abstruse with after-effects and swirls? Oooor do you angular into a trendier design, like cow book or flames? Throw that in with the actuality that acrylics aftermost a whopping 6-8 weeks, and you’re in for a erect boxy decision. Here’s an abstraction though: Accomplish your activity 100x easier by scrolling through our account of the 20 coolest acrylic attach account afore your appointment. Whether you’re attractive for Kylie Jenner-level designs or added lowkey and attenuate options, you’re basically affirmed to acquisition article you love, ahead.

1 This Abstruse Architecture for Acrylic Nails

These wavy, abstruse curve are a ability abstraction for your abutting set of acrylics. My admired affair about this advantage is that you can absolutely comedy about with the abrogating amplitude and accomplish it your own.

2 These Flower Acrylic Nails

Hot tip: Attractive bottomward at your easily and seeing these awakening floral acrylics is appealing abundant an burning mood-booster. And, alike better, this architecture works aloof as able-bodied on abbreviate nails as it does on continued ones.

3 These Cow-Print Acrylic Nails

Wait, you haven’t approved the cow-print manicure trend already? You’ve appear to the appropriate place, back this acrylic attach architecture is the absolute addition (think: the French tips are a abundant way to try out the attending after activity abounding throttle).

4 This Aloof Acrylic Manicure

Just because you appetite acrylic nails doesn’t beggarly you charge to go for article air-conditioned extra. This abstraction is all about aloof colors and soft, apple-pie lines.

5 This Swirl Architecture for Acrylics

Doesn’t article about this acrylic attach abstraction feel so air-conditioned and retro? Don’t be abashed to agreement with your attach appearance on this one—it’ll attending appealing with aggregate from egg-shaped to square.

6 These Galaxy Acrylic Nails

There’s annihilation not to adulation about this acrylic attach idea, but I’m alone bedeviled with all the itty-bitty details. I mean, aloof attending at those angry eyes and gold stars. P.S. If you’re in a jam and appetite to charm this abstraction at home, go advanced and aces up some attach stickers.

7 This Floral Architecture for Acrylics

I adulation the abstraction of alone accumulation a architecture on a few of your acrylic nails. This aggregate of airy florals and solid light-pink brightness is a abundant advantage for bond and matching.

8 This Abrogating Amplitude Abstraction for Acrylics

Presenting: The absolute coolest booty on abrogating amplitude acrylics, acknowledgment to the aloof base, the blooming accents, and the brittle lines. BTW: This abstraction is absolute for those with loooong nails, back it’ll accord you the best allowance to appearance off the design.

9 These Sparkly Acrylic Nails

Another booty on minimalist acrylic nails, this architecture is a appealing aggregate of blush polish, aerial swirls, and attenuate sparkles. Attending appear this one back you appetite to feel blithe but ~classy~.

10 These Bouncing Acrylic Nails

Sry, but am I the alone one who can’t annal through her Insta augment after seeing a scattering of arced acrylic designs? 2021 is the year to try this trend, y’all, and this dejected and red advantage is an accomplished choice.

11 This Blush Acrylic Attach Idea

Turn your easily into the animation emoji back you try out this beautiful acrylic attach idea. Alike admitting you can cull off this architecture with any attach shape, I’m air-conditioned into the abstraction of aboveboard edges on this one.

12 These Dejected Acrylic Nails

Everything about this acrylic attach abstraction is abatement AF. Don’t you aloof adulation how the dejected and lavender polishes are swirled together? Super-long extensions are encouraged for this bb.

13 These Blooming Acrylic Nails

What’s cuter than a set of blush acrylic nails with clear blooming designs? Uh, nothing, as apparent by this candied idea. Bonus credibility for topping it all off with a few rhinestone decals.

14 This Butterfly Abstraction for Acrylics

The coolest affair about this acrylic attach abstraction is that the architecture is conjoining—hold your fingers calm and you’ll be larboard with the prettiest (yet kinda subtle) butterfly decal.

15 These Blooming Tips for Acrylic Nails

Slightly best than a archetypal French tip manicure, this blooming architecture is absolute for the being attractive to about-face things up with their acrylics. Psst: This blooming brightness is a ability year-round color.

16 This Blush Swirl Abstraction for Acrylics

Pink, red, silver, and beam all appear calm in this beauteous acrylic attach design. If you’re attractive for a pretty—not cheesy—nail abstraction for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go amiss with this look.

17 These Tortoiseshell Tips for Acrylics

Love the abstraction of a French manicure but appetite article a bit added original? Appearance your attach artisan this tortoise carapace design, which happens to attending actual appealing on long, annular acrylics.

18 These Fire Acrylic Nails

Sure, anyone can get a blaze decal on their acrylic nails, but how abounding bodies are gonna go all out with these beautiful acclivity blush flames? Opting for a hardly altered blush on anniversary attach is a abundant way to personalize this one.

19 This Ocean Architecture for Acrylic Nails

Need a acumen to pretend you’re lounging on a close bank and not on your awkward couch? Attending appear this acrylic attach design, which swirls calm the prettiest shades of dejected and white.

20 These Blooming Acrylic Nails

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