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The state’s aboriginal COVID-19 afterlife came in mid-March 2020. In the year since, the virus has claimed bags more. 

The ache is a baleful thief. It steals time. It steals milestones. It steals walks bottomward the bells alley and amateur of bolt with grandchildren. It steals aspirations.

These are aloof a fraction, beneath than 1%, of the bodies Arizona has absent to COVID-19. 

79 years old • Buckeye

Phyllis Lee Adair (center), 79, Buckeye Courtesy of Catherine Adair

Phyllis Lee Adair grew up in South Dakota and generally braved barbarous winters afterwards alive baptize or electricity. She admired to apprentice and sewed clothes as a hobby. She spent abundant of her developed activity as a flight accessory because of her adulation of biking and people.

When her grandchildren were born, she assertive her bedmate to advertise their 5 acreage of  acreage and buy a abode beneath than a mile from her son so she could be with them added often. Her grandchildren were her everything, her daughter-in-law, Catherine Adair, said.

“I never heard her accession her articulation to one of the children, but you could bet if you did article to them, she would let you know,” Catherine said.

After work, Phyllis would absorb time block about her 2-year-old grandson, generally tucking him in while still in her flight attendant uniform as he rubbed his easily on the chaplet she consistently wore. To this day, the ancestors keeps a cord of chaplet in his allowance for him to clamp aback he’s fussy. Aback he fell asleep, she would blooper into her granddaughters’ apartment to watch them comedy video amateur and “just be present in their worlds for a little bit,” Catherine said.

She admired the holidays and had appropriate decorations for ceremony one. Her favorites were Christmas and Easter. She was appreciative to be a Christian, and she accustomed to consistently do acceptable for others. Aback she begin out a ancestors of four couldn’t allow Christmas presents, she went out and bought clothes, shoes and ability for them.

Phyllis wore a affectation religiously, agilely done her easily and sanitized them to assure her accessible bedmate from accepting COVID-19. She affiliated alive as a flight accessory because she bare the income. Aback advancing home from a flight on Jan. 11, she alleged her ancestors and told them she was cat-and-mouse for a wheelchair to booty her off the akin because she was so weak.

Phyllis died Feb. 2, at age 79.

She is survived by her bedmate Francis, her son George and his wife Catherine and her three grandchildren.

— Megan Taros

74 years old • Goodyear

Virginia Castillo, 74, Goodyear Courtesy of Eleanor Castillo

All her life, she fought. From the moment she was built-in —  two months abortive with a affection babble —  to her final few breaths, Virginia Castillo accustomed valiance. 

She was in and out of doctors’ offices akin afore the COVID-19 pandemic. A strep infection in her 40s led to a host of ailments. She additionally had diabetes, abiding branch disease, COPD, asthma, seizures, degenerative disc diseases and arthritis; all this, on top of aerial claret burden and cholesterol.

Her ancestors teasingly referred to her as a “professional patient.” But in reality, Virginia was a caring homemaker who admired to allotment God with everyone.

She admired watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and baseball. She admired cloister shows too, like Judge Judy. Sometimes you’d bolt her accomplishing chat searches.

Virginia was a abundant cook. Her ancestors already misses her tortillas and airheaded balls, abnormally the grandkids. 

Eleanor Castillo, Virginia’s daughter, helped booty affliction of her mother afore and during COVID-19. She said she’ll never balloon her mother’s adulation of God and admiration to allotment him with strangers and ancestors alike. 

She’ll additionally bethink her beauty. Virginia consistently “had to accept her eyebrows done and her aperture painted,” Eleanor said. “She would never balloon her earrings.” 

Eleanor will absence that, forth with their car rides to see doctors and affection conversations. She’ll absence Virginia’s humor, too.

Before Virginia was taken to the hospital, she told Eleanor to acquaint the ancestors she’d fight.

“That is article she did every day of her life. She fought the acceptable fight,” Eleanor said.

Virginia fought COVID-19 for 20 days. She died Jan. 27 at 74. 

She is survived by her husband, Herman; her children, Mando, Gabe and Eleanor; her mother, Belen; as able-bodied as siblings, grandchildren and abundant grandchildren.

— Taylor Seely

54 years old • Goodyear

Francis “Fran” Ciliberti, 54, Goodyear Courtesy of DinaMarie Ciliberti

Francis Ciliberti and his wife, DinaMarie Ciliberti, had the blazon of adulation chance movies are fabricated of.

Fran and Dinamarie anachronous aback they were adolescent but reconnected afterwards in life.

“Fran was the best loving, caring, hardworking, considerate, loyal man I had the amusement of calling mine. That’s why I feel in adulation with him twice,” DinaMarie said.

Soon afterwards they started dating for the additional time, DinaMarie was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, with a low likelihood of surviving.

“It didn’t alarm Fran at all.”

They were calm for seven years, and affiliated for two.

DinaMarie has a diffuse account of things she will absence about the man she alleged husband, soulmate and best friend.

“I will absence the collywobbles I had aback I saw him airing through the door,” she said. “I will absence our continued conversations, bedlam till our stomachs hurt, the attending he gave me that abandoned I accustomed — like I was the best admirable actuality in the room.”

Fran dreamed of his future. He was appreciative of his son and capital to see him alum college. He generally discussed backward and accepting grandchildren.

“The abandoned allotment he didn’t like about crumbling was his gray hair,” DinaMarie said.

But COVID-19 afflicted Fran. 

“He asked for a priest and he acquainted there was no end in sight. He articulate defeated and that afraid me because that was not like him,” DinaMarie said.

After allurement a assistant to let her see Fran, the brace saw ceremony added for the aftermost time through the window of his hospital room.

“I apprenticed my face adjoin the algid glass. He was sitting up in his bed and he looked so handsome! We blew kisses to ceremony other, said our ‘love yous’ over and over again, and he gave me a thumbs up,” DinaMarie said.

Fran died of COVID-19 complications Dec. 22, 2020, at age 54.

He is survived by his wife, DinaMarie; his son, Connor; and brothers Michael and Patrick. 

— Rylee Kirk

87 years old • Glendale

Everyone in Alfred Cortes’ adjacency knew aback their TV bare fixing, Cortes could get the job done, his babe Sue Hodges remembers. Alfred admired watching television, but he admired acclimation them akin more. The ancestors had a TV in every allowance in the house.

He was the handyman about the house, architecture and acclimation as needed. He congenital a second-story accession to the ancestors home aback they were outgrowing it and put a basin in the yard. His lath was abounding of tools, wires, screws and gadgets.

“Even as he got older, he still anchored everything,” Hodges said.

When his wife, Nancy Cortes, complained she had no added amplitude in her kitchen, he rebuilt all of the cabinets.

Cortes started off his alive activity at a steel mill, again at Ford Motor Company until he landed a job as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. He retired from the column appointment 30 years afterwards and began a new job at the Deer Valley Academy District as a aliment engineer.

Nancy Cortes, 82, and Alfred Cortes, 87, Glendale Courtesy of Sue Hodges

He was so appreciative of his children, grandchildren and wife, and he said so often.

”Al was a force of nature, bent to accommodate for his ancestors and accord them the activity he acquainted they deserved,” Hodges said.

Nancy was in the hospital with COVID-19 on the couple’s 64th bells anniversary, and he fabricated abiding Hodges brought her admired amber from See’s Candies — white amber divinity puffs. Alfred additionally was ill with COVID-19, and died afore his wife, on Oct. 26, 2020, at age 87. It was six canicule afterwards their anniversary.

He is survived by his accouchement Sue, Daniel and Thomas, 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

— Megan Taros

82 years old • Glendale

In the aboriginal years of Nancy Cortes’ alliance to her husband, Alfred Cortes, she was a housewife and a calm mother of four children. But she bare to accumulate herself alive and so began a alternation of assorted careers.

She began as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Account and retired afterwards 15 years. She was afterwards a secretary at the Arizona Abode of Representatives and afterwards that a schoolteacher.

Even as she grew older, she still pursued her goals. She accustomed an accessory amount in estimation for the deafened from Phoenix College. Then, at age 76, she accustomed a bachelor’s amount in appropriate apprenticeship from Arizona State University.

She was an ardent churchgoer. Her daughter, Sue Hodges, said she would absence activity to abbey with her, talking to her mother and ancestor on the buzz and acquisition with them for the holidays.

Nancy spent her 64th bells ceremony in the hospital, but Alfred fabricated abiding she got her admired See’s Candies treat, a bank of white amber with a creamy and walnut-filled centermost alleged a divinity puff.

Nancy died on Nov. 3, 2020, eight canicule afterwards her husband, who additionally died from COVID-19.

“They are happier now in heaven,” Hodges said. “We absence them terribly. Our lives are not the aforementioned afterwards them. But I apperceive they are fine.”

She is survived by her accouchement Sue, Daniel and Thomas, 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

— Megan Taros 

63 years old • Glendale

Karen Sue Ebbs, 63, Glendale Courtesy of Jessica Gray

Karen Sue Ebbs had shelves lined with books she’d accumulated over time. She admired account and cogent belief of bodies she met as an adjudications administrator for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, breadth she accustomed marriages, certified blooming cards and saw abounding people become United States citizens.

“It’s all about the journey,” Karen admired to say.

An advantageously absolved Army adept who was a veterinary technician, Karen fabricated common donations to the American Association for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals and adopted several pets.

Karen was a woman with a big heart, who took affliction of those about her afore herself. Her eyes lit up aback she smiled. She will be remembered by accompany and ancestors for her caring nature, hugs and her laugh, said her daughter, Jessica Gray. 

Karen aloft Jessica by herself “and absolutely knew what it meant to sacrifice,” Jessica said. She said her mom would accept asked bodies to practice empathy and compassionate because “that is the abandoned way we are activity to get through this.”

Jessica said the ancestors did aggregate right: They quarantined, acclimated no-contact deliveries. But one commitment disciplinarian did not chase protocol, Jessica said, and they accept that’s what beatific Karen to the hospital and how Jessica was infected, too. 

“It was fast and ruthless,” Jessica said. Karen got ailing a few days after the late-night delivery, was in the hospital 11 canicule and died Jan. 23. She was 63.

She is survived by her daughter, Jessica, and her siblings.

A fundraiser for Karen and her ancestors can be begin on GoFundMe. 

— Piper Hansen

65 years old • Avondale

Santos Gomez, 65, Avondale Courtesy of Sonia Encinas

Santos Gomez consistently went to backyard sales on the weekends, analytic for Marvel toys he could aggregate and restore. It was amid his primary hobbies. 

His daughter, Sonia Encinas, thinks that may be breadth he bent COVID-19. He died from complications of the disease, from which he developed pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, on July 11, 2020, at age 65.

The Avondale father worked adamantine in accepted activity throughout his life. He akin congenital the ancestors home. He accomplished his ancestors to adulation and appearance affection and benevolence to others, Sonia said.

Santos was loving, affectionate and humble. He admired to acquaint his grandchildren belief about his childhood. 

He admired the Arizona Cardinals and he admired to dance. He kept anybody up to date on the news, administration what was accident about the world. He looked out for his ancestors aback he begin out COVID-19 was in Arizona, reminding them to abrasion masks.

“His adulation was endless,” Sonia said.

He entered the hospital at the end of June, aback Arizona accomplished its aboriginal beachcomber of cases. He waited for a allowance for two days. He talked to his wife, Martha, over the phone. His aftermost words to her were that he absent her and capital to appear home, to be with his family, Sonia said.  

He is survived by his wife, Martha, and four children, Sonia, Jessica, Corina and Andrew, forth with his grandchildren and great-grandchild.

There’s a fundraiser on GoFundMe to admonition with costs accompanying to Santos’ death.

— Rachel Leingang

77 years old • Goodyear

Josie Hernandez, 77, Goodyear Courtesy of Victoria Hernandez

Josie Hernandez admired adventures, like alley trips and vacations. She admired bedlam until she cried. She craved a abode abounding of ancestors and fun.

“I adulation you more!” she would acquaint her ancestors and accompany whenever they said goodbye and that they admired her, said her daughter, Victoria Hernandez.

Josie, of Goodyear, died on July 8, 2020, at age 77 from complications of COVID-19. 

She spent her career at an AT&T bulb in Phoenix, from which she retired.

And she spent endless hours on the buzz with her daughter. Victoria alleged every day afterwards work, so generally that her ex-husband already asked what they could possibly allocution about so much.

“‘Everything and nothing,’ all at the aforementioned time,” Victoria told him.

It’s not bright how Josie bent the virus, but she wouldn’t want anyone abroad to get ailing from it. She entered the hospital on July 4, 2020, and died four canicule later.

“She knew she had to go akin admitting she did not appetite to be abandoned afterwards any ancestors to be by her side,” Victoria said.

She had started activity bigger the morning afore she was hospitalized. Victoria thinks her mother would absorption bodies not to blitz aback into their routines if they bolt it; they charge added time to heal. 

Josie admired her ancestors dearly and abnormally enjoyed aback anybody aggregate in the aforementioned place. 

She is survived by her husband, Agustin “Bobby” Hernandez, of 56 years, as able-bodied as five daughters, Susan, Olivia, Victoria, Rosemary and Roberta, forth with siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

— Rachel Leingang

71 years old • Goodyear

Alvina Lynnette Johnson, 71, Goodyear. Courtesy of Tené Burrow

You could calculation on her to acknowledgment the buzz with the line, “What’s up mama?” That is, if she wasn’t at the casino. 

Alvina Lynette Johnson was the activity of the party. She admired the aperture machines and arena bingo with her friends. She had an infectious laugh and generally blurred the curve amid accompany and family, authoritative anybody feel cared for and comforted.

It’s allotment of what fabricated her a admired assistant for 40-plus years, her daughter, Tené Burrow, said.  

Alvina consistently put others’ needs afore her own. She would say she was a bigger grandmother than mother, but her accouchement disagreed. 

“Our mother aloft three accouchement on her own and never complained about the circadian sacrifices that she made,” Burrow said. “She admired relentlessly and selflessly.”

Alvina apprenticed COVID-19 afterwards caring for her roommate, who was misdiagnosed with a atrium infection. Johnson anon showed symptoms and was accepted to the hospital on July 8. She died July 14, 2020. Her acquaintance died from COVID-19 on Aug. 2, 2020.

Tené said Alvina’s ancestors misses her “beautiful smile added than ever” and are disturbing through the “firsts” without her. They mourned what would accept been her 72nd altogether in November. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s were “brutal.”

Alvina was a mainstay at appropriate activity events. Remembering she won’t be at approaching graduations or weddings is a circadian action for her family.

She is survived by her son, John; her daughters, LaSuan and Tené; as able-bodied as siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“We would say to anyone activity through this: Booty it seriously, accept the conversations that you charge to accept with your admired ones while you still accept the time, and adjure aloft all else,” Tené said. 

— Taylor Seely

72 years old • Peoria

Ardith Marie Millar, 72, Peoria Courtesy of Megan Bausch and Jennifer Millar

She admired dogs — so abundant so that she’d alarm her daughters aback a beautiful one was on TV so they wouldn’t absence it. 

It’s those funny, little things Ardith Marie Millar did that her ancestors will absence most. 

She enjoyed alive about with accompany in her red Mustang convertible, announcement Guns N’ Roses. She fabricated appropriate time for both her daughters, Megan and Jennifer. 

With Megan, she’d get her nails done and grab cafeteria at Village Inn each month. She’d about consistently buy crepes or pie to booty home.

With Jennifer, Ardith fabricated a addiction of calling every day. Jennifer said she’ll absence the conversations to and from work. 

“It is the little things that you can booty for accepted until they are gone,” Jennifer said. 

Ardith could accomplish trips to Target special. She was a amusing actuality who admired to appointment others. She abnormally admired administration ancestors belief with friends.

Megan affiliated a few months afore her mother died. Megan said Ardith was “so aflame about the bells that she was cogent anybody (at the attach salon) about it while we got our nails done.” 

That was the aftermost attach and cafeteria they had afore she died. 

Ardith was diagnosed with date 4 lung blight and Parkinson’s ache years afore she apprenticed COVID-19.

Thanks to assorted treatments, her daughters she she was “effectively in remission” and her Parkinson’s was beneath control. 

Megan and Jennifer said doctors told them their mother’s afterlife was not a aftereffect of above-mentioned bloom issues and that afterwards COVID-19, she could accept lived several added years. 

Ardith fell ill on April 8, 2020. The abutting day, she went to the hospital and was put on a ventilator. Ardith fought for six weeks in the ICU, and eventually was placed on a tracheostomy tube — a surgically amid breath device. 

Ardith became added acknowledging and was confused to a respiratory rehabilitation clinic.

Throughout her monthslong fight, she apprenticed assorted infections and pneumonia as a aftereffect of COVID-19.

Ardith died Aug. 10, 2020, at age 72. 

“My mother was taken too anon from us,” Megan said. “Better accommodation authoritative and accuracy at the government akin could accept helped save her life. Every time I see COVID deniers, maskless people, and others downplaying the ambit of COVID, my gut wrenches and I appetite to cry. I ambition that they could accept apparent what COVID did to my mother, how adamantine she fought, and what it has done to our family.”

Ardith is survived by her husband, Glenn Millar; daughters, Megan and Jennifer; and a son-in-law.

— Taylor Seely

70 years old • Glendale

Gary Nofi, 70, Glendale Courtesy of Mark Nofi

Gary Nofi enjoyed alive a abounding life, complete with chance and laughter. He admired to be about friends. He admired his Corvette convertible, which he collection about Glendale. 

He volunteered at his abbey and formed part-time at Walmart afterwards retirement. He was “always accessible to accommodate an ear or duke to a friend,” said his brother, Mark Nofi.

He admired to acquaint jokes and could lift anyone’s spirits. He never complained. He was fun to be around.

“We chatted at atomic already a week, administration belief and analytic the problems of the world. I absolutely absence those conversations,” Mark said.

Gary took precautions, like cutting a mask, but enjoyed actuality about his friends. He would appetite bodies to apperceive the ache is actual real, but that they shouldn’t alive in fear, Mark said. 

None of the bodies Gary was about apprenticed COVID-19, and he had basal bloom issues, Mark said. He was alive until he got sick. 

He died of complications from COVID-19 on Dec. 18, 2020, at age 70.

“He had no abjure and lived activity to the fullest,” Mark said.

He is survived by his brother, Mark, and sister, Ann, and his nephews. 

— Rachel Leingang

52 years old • Glendale

Christopher Lee Rodriguez, 52, Glendale Courtesy of James Rodriguez

Christopher Lee Rodriguez admired racquetball, walking and spending time with his grandchildren.

He played at the bank for fun and was accepted to never attending up from his phone.

But he was a abundant admonition to his brother, James Rodriguez, aback it came to acceptable their mother, who is disabled.

James said he would absence arguing with him, seeing him alert to his buzz and allowance their mother together.

Christopher died of COVID-19 on Jan. 10 at age 52, aloof 12 canicule afterwards his brother, Eric Rodriguez.

He is survived by his children, Vincent, Anthony, Steven, Lisa, Linda; his mother, his brother and 18 grandchildren.

— Megan Taros

50 years old • Glendale

Eric Mathew Rodriguez was laid back, adequate activity as it came. He admired spending time with his girlfriend, bubbler beer and arena guitar.

Eirc Mathew Rodriguez, 50, Glendale Courtesy of James Rodriguez

He got a bang out of arguing with his brother, James Rodriguez, but he was there for his family. He helped his brothers booty affliction of their mother, who is disabled, and enjoyed arena with his grandchildren. He adapted every meal for the family.

COVID-19 fabricated him clumsy to action as he commonly would and he struggled to breathe. He died Dec. 29, 2020, at age 50.

He would be followed in afterlife by his brother, Christopher, beneath than two weeks later.

He is survived by his children, Courtney and Eric, his mother, his brother and four grandchildren.

— Megan Taros

87 years old • Goodyear

Luis Salguero, 87, Goodyear. Courtesy of Katherine Landingin

It all happened so fast. 

His wife had a few symptoms. They got activated Monday. On Tuesday, they begin out they were absolute for COVID-19. By Wednesday, Jan. 6, Luis Salguero died in his beddy-bye at age 87. His wife, Gladys Salguero, was by his side. 

The Salgueros’ accouchement beatific Gladys to the hospital immediately. She has aback alternate home, healthy. 

“It was actual abrupt and actual fast,” granddaughter Katherine Landingin said. 

What they won’t balloon about him was his signature aroma and style. He consistently wore a Kangol cap and POLO Ralph Lauren. It was his admired cologne. 

Katherine additionally remembers how foolishly he admired his grandkids.

Luis didn’t like it aback his she got his absorption by screaming, “Hey!” He wasn’t a horse, he would say. 

But, actuality a jokester, he started babble back, “Hay caballo!” (“Hay horse!”) 

“You couldn’t admonition but beam about him,” Katherine said. Akin if you abandoned spent a moment in his presence.

He was loving, too. He kissed his grandkids and captivated their easily often.

“You consistently acquainted amore about him,” Katherine said. 

Katherine said the ancestors has candy his death, and they are beholden he was able to canyon affably in his home, with his wife by his side.

She believes her grandfathering would appetite added people, abnormally seniors, to booty COVID-19 actively and act with precaution.

Luis is survived by his wife, Gladys; daughters, Cindy, Maria and Nancy; as able-bodied as assorted sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren.

— Taylor Seely

61 years old • Laveen

John Sanchez, 61, Laveen Courtesy of Debbie Sanchez

John Sanchez consistently shared. Whether it was a compound or his all-encompassing knowledge, he was consistently accessible to teach. John was a retired Air Force adept and formed allotment time as an architect technician. 

He admired hosting people, his wife, Debbie Sanchez, said. He talked to anyone and everyone.

“John consistently had a smile from ear to ear,” Debbie said. 

She and John met in 2008. “It was adulation at aboriginal sight,” she said. They affiliated in 2009 in California. 

The brace honeymooned on a cruise, article John had never done before. They became bedeviled with it. They cruised at atomic already a year, but usually twice.

Regular, daily activity was special, too. Debbie said John admired to baker for her, akin packing her cafeteria for work.

“He capital to accomplish abiding I was bistro healthy. Again he put sweets in the cafeteria box with little notes,” she said. 

John was additionally artistic. He admired cartoon and authoritative greeting cards. He was attractive advanced to demography up the amusement added in retirement . He additionally capital to angle added with his grandchildren. 

John apprenticed COVID-19 afterwards he was apparent at assignment by colleagues in June. Debbie said she wants readers to apperceive he was a adamantine artisan who cared for and admired his family.

He died July 2, 2020, at age 61.

He is survived by his wife, Debbie; mother, Consuelo (Connie); siblings, Maria Teresa, Carmen, Gloria, Anita and Jose; children, Andrea, Marissa, Yvonne, Elizabeth, Deann, Nicole and Nicolas III; 15 grandchildren and one abundant grandchild.

— Taylor Seely

71 years old old • Peoria

Tony Tercero, 71, Peoria. Courtesy of Cyndi Tercero

“It’s about axiological fairness.”

Tony Tercero could assignment that band into about any conversation. It’s what collection him. 

The words meant added than acknowledged obligations or due action to Tony, said his daughter, Cyndi Tercero.

“My Dad believed in axiological candor as an affair of disinterestedness and inclusion,” she said. “(He) believed it was … not abandoned a albatross but an obligation to ensure axiological candor in our classrooms, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, cloister rooms, boardrooms, business rooms, etc.”

Cyndi said her ancestor overcame affliction as a adolescent and fought in the Vietnam War. She will never balloon how “resilient, angry and amorous he was.” She said bodies should bethink his Army account for its boldness and valor. 

Tony was retired at the time of his death, but he spent best of his career in business sales. He formed in Latino assurance and contest planning for ASU’s Gammage Amphitheater and the Sundome, too. 

“He begin means to accompany bodies calm – he affianced academy districts to acquaint at-risk acceptance to amphitheater and brought acceptance to contest with absolute letters and that showcased Latinos and the Latino ability in a absolute way,” Cyndi said. 

After Tony retired, the crawling for Latino advancement wouldn’t leave him. Cyndi said he backward affiliated to bounded backroom and “was consistently accommodating to action advice, allotment his assets and admonition affix bodies for the greater acceptable of society.” 

Cyndi said she would absence best the abysmal conversations she and her dad aggregate about life, backroom and family.

She said she “will absence accepting addition in my bend who is auspicious me on or absolutely adulatory me well.” 

Tony apprenticed COVID-19 abreast the alpha of the pandemic. Not compassionate the implications of his symptoms, the ancestors did not anon take Tony to the hospital. Afterwards that evening, his affection worsened. He was rushed to the hospital and placed on a ventilator. He died beneath than a ceremony later, on April 27, 2020. 

Cyndi wants bodies account this to apperceive her ancestor was a adolescent 71-year-old who had a lot of activity left. 

She said her ancestor would appetite bodies to apperceive “that ceremony victim was a life: a animal actuality that didn’t deserve to die of article that was preventable.” 

Tony is survived by his wife, Lillian; daughters, Cyndi and Lisa, brothers, Ernie and Jimmy; sister, Ida; an uncle; grandchildren; abundant grandchildren and added continued ancestors members. 

— Taylor Seely

41 years old • Avondale

Brian Thometz, 41, Avondale Courtesy of Julie Thometz

Brian and Julie Thometz, of Avondale, got affiliated on March 6, 2020, one aftermost affair afore the communicable shut the apple down.

“If you ask anyone who knew either one of us, they would acquaint you we fabricated ceremony added the happiest we had anytime been aural the abbreviate time together,” Julie said.

Near the end of their aboriginal year as a affiliated couple, Brian apprenticed COVID-19. He entered the hospital and eventually was placed on a ventilator. He died Dec. 31, 2020, at age 41.

Brian was a big guy who came off as quiet at first, but those who knew him admired his faculty of humor, affection and generosity. He formed adamantine on his education, eventually earning a Master of Business Administration degree.

He admired video games, lath games, golfing, bowling, animals, Toyotas and Julie. He fabricated her banquet every night. They aggregate a cool faculty of humor. 

“We acclimated to do a turkey complete to acquisition ceremony added in the house, or in a store, or as a bulletin on ceremony other’s voicemail,” Julie said.

Brian, who was pre-diabetic and a above smoker, went to the emergency allowance afterwards three canicule of fevers and was beatific home with remdesivir. From there, his oxygen levels fell. He didn’t appetite to go to the hospital, but assuredly agreed as breath became added difficult. 

He aboriginal was put on a BiPAP apparatus to admonition him breathe, again afterwards a ventilator, cogent Julie he was so tired. Julie went in actuality to see Brian afore he was placed on the ventilator, and he insisted he would appear off of it afterwards he got some rest. His accomplishments afore actuality aerial showcased his loving self: He playfully bankrupt her.

He was on the chase for 12 canicule and was not responding to treatment. On Dec. 31, 2020, Brian died aloof afore his wife accustomed at the hospital to adjudge whether to abolish him from the machine.

“The aftermost affair he could do to assure me was to save me from that,” Julie said.

He is survived by his wife, Julie; his parents, brother and abounding aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. 

— Rachel Leingang

57 years old • Surprise

Troy Van Norman, 57, Surprise Courtesy of Monica Van Norman

Troy Van Norman was consistently authoritative article for people, whether it was a pencil case or a craven coop.

He was a acceptable actuality who chatted abroad with anyone and everyone. His wife, Monica Van Norman, said that those who knew him knew he was “one of the acceptable guys.” He generally addressed her with “Hello, my love.”

Troy died of complications from COVID-19 on Dec. 14, 2020. He was 57.

He admired Star Wars and Marvel, and playing Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. Monica teased that Captain America was his crush. He additionally admired abstruse old movies that he consistently quoted, akin if no one abroad got the reference.

Troy was “the advantageous one” of the Van Norman couple. His wife has asthma and diabetes and was advised high-risk for astringent affliction with COVID-19. She was ailing first, and again the virus infected her husband.

“The virus took over his anatomy fast,” Monica said.

Even with the medication and ambulatory claret he received, his claret became too acerb and his organs began to fail. He died in 15 days, one day shy of the couple’s 10th bells anniversary.

He is survived by his wife, Monica, his daughters Sierra, Emma and Ashley, and his mother and siblings.

A ancestors acquaintance set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe to admonition with expenses. 

— Megan Taros

82 years old • Glendale

Anna Ceceila Wilhelm, 82, Glendale Courtesy of Darla Riegel-Wilhelm

Anna C. Wilhelm adherent her activity to Catholicism.

She advised nursing at St. Louis Catholic University and accelerating with a 4.0 GPA. She was a absolute actuality who admired alive with others. She enjoyed her job at the Springfield Police Department in Illinois because of that.

Wilhelm confused to Fountain Hills in 1981 and spent the blow of her activity in the Phoenix area. She will be remembered for her adulation and adherence to her family, her daughter, Darla Riegel-Wilhelm, said.

“Her admiring and absolute spirit shone blithely throughout her life,” Riegel-Wilhelm said.

Wilhelm died on Nov. 28, 2020, at age 82. She is survived by her children, Darla, Lori, Robert and David.

— Megan Taros

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