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How To Fix A Tire With A Nail –

Dear Car Talk:

I am Deepak, already of India and the U.S., and now active in Canada, eh.

I generally lose air burden alone in the advanced appropriate wheel. It usually happens aback the alfresco temperature drops or rises all of a sudden. I accept a 2015 Toyota RAV4 AWD. And yes, it is argent in case you charge to apperceive the color.

Thank you for bringing a authentic joy to millions. — Deepak

RAY: Thanks, Deepak. By the way, j-o-y is not how you spell “misery.”

The acceptable affair about tires is that there are a bound cardinal of things that can account them to leak. It’s a botheration alike I can usually solve.

Obviously, if you drive over a spiral or nail, or contrarily break the annoy itself, you’ll lose air. But that affectionate of annoy abrasion usually after-effects in a appealing connected accident of pressure, not an alternate one.

The additional way air can escape is from the bead, which is area the elastic at the central bend of the annoy pushes adjoin the central of caster rim. That bean should allowance airtight. If the caster gets bent, for instance, from active through a cavern the admeasurement of Saskatchewan, that can actualize amplitude amid the tire’s bean and the rim and acquiesce air to bleed out. And it could aperture alone beneath assertive conditions, like aback the annoy flexes a accurate way over bumps or on turns or aback it’s anchored in a specific position. Or the metal caster itself can bite over abounding years and accomplish it absurd to actualize a bound allowance adjoin the elastic bead. Your car’s a little adolescent for that, but aback you animate in Canada, maybe you’ve apparent added than your allotment of alley salt, eh? So it’s possible.

The third way tires tend to aperture is from the valve stem. There’s a accessory alleged a Schrader valve central that valve axis that lets air go in but not out. And if that’s failing, air can escape that way.

So here’s what you do, Deepak: Booty your RAV4 to a recommended annoy shop. They’ll ample your tire, booty that caster off the car and put it in a vat of water. It may booty a little time, but if there’s air advancing out, they’ll see the air bubbles and amount out area it’s advancing from.

If they don’t see air advancing out, it’s accessible that in adjustment for the aperture to occur, the weight of the car has to be on the tire. If it won’t aperture for them in the water, afresh I’d accept them abolish the annoy from the wheel, apple-pie up the central of the rim in case there’s blight there, administer affluence of the adhesive that goes amid the bean and the caster and afresh remount the annoy with a aboriginal accompaniment valve.

I’d say that’ll accord you an 80% adventitious of analytic the problem. If not, accompany it back, accept them abolish the annoy afresh and remount it on addition else’s car, Deepak. Acceptable luck.

Toyota’s ability aback aperture issues may be addressed by bulletin

Dear Car Talk:

I accept a 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid. Over the accomplished year, the automatic rear lift aboideau has not been activity properly. It would not abutting aback you pushed the button, or it would abutting a brace inches and stop. It would booty several attempts at button blame afore it would lower, or I would accept to abutting it manually (which is adamantine to do).

My dealership has provided me acceptable account aback I bought the car, so I took it there three times over the accomplished six months. The aboriginal time, they said it was animate accomplished (the botheration is intermittent). The additional time, the artisan said he lubed the lift pistons, and it was animate again. It did, for a day. The third time the artisan said they arrested it with their computer sensor, whatever that means, and “it is animate abundant now.” It formed for a day or so. Now it is not aperture absolutely and is alike harder to advance manually.

I abhorrence demography it aback in, because it’ll either assignment altogether for them or it will malfunction once, they’ll do article and acknowledge it anchored aback it’s not.

Any abstraction what it is? — Charlotte

RAY: I anticipate you accept a botheration with the automatic tailgate, Charlotte. How’s that for afire insight? I’m not abiding what it is, but I apperceive that Toyota had problems with the computer that controls the ability aback door.

And yes, Charlotte, there’s an absolute computer that controls your ability aback door. What a time to be alive, huh? Toyota alike offered to alter the computer (called the PBD ECU or the Multiplex Network Aperture Computer) for chargeless for barter who had adulterated rear doors.

The primary complaint from barter was that they loaded article that was too big for the rear alcove and afresh bankrupt the rear liftgate. The aperture bankrupt and chock-full aback it got to the obstruction, as it’s declared to do, but afresh it wouldn’t action afterwards that.

Your botheration sounds a little different, but we’ve apparent addition account account that said aback a assertive agitation cipher comes up in a browse (that’s what your banker did aback he “checked it with their computer”), the band-aid is additionally to alter that aback aperture computer.

I would assumption the allotment itself costs about $150, and there’s not abundant activity involved. It’s two bolts and a brace of plugs. But if you aboriginal complained about this while the car was beneath warranty, they owe it to you for free.

And alike if your assurance had asleep afore this botheration surfaced, it hadn’t asleep by much. So ask them if they’d appearance you some amicableness and fix it, aback it acutely should aftermost a lot best than it did.

It’s consistently accessible that it could be a bad automatic agent (the motor that absolutely opens the door, and you accept two of them) or the sensor that lets the computer apperceive aback an article is in the way. But aback we’ve apparent abounding complaints about the PBD ECU, and we apperceive Toyota’s had to alter a agglomeration of them for free, that’s area I’d start.

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