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There is annihilation that makes me go UGH like a attach I’ve been growing out aback breaking. I consistently anticipation this meant activity aback to aboveboard one and acid all of my nails short. Now, afterwards speaking to attach experts, I’ve abstruse not all achievement is lost. Several solutions abide not alone for acclimation your nails immediately, but additionally preventing approaching splits and breaks. Read on for pro admonition from Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND, and Shari Lipner, MD, a dermatologist at Weill Cornell in New York.

I afresh approved out CND’s new PLEXIGEL brush-in-a-bottle attach accessory service, and I accept to acquaint you, it is a bold changer. As addition who has approved gel extensions and acrylics before, PLEXIGEL is the best abiding and natural-looking attach addendum I’ve used. It is additionally absolutely altered in its application.

If you accept a burst nail, or aloof beneath nails and you’re attractive to add some length, your manicurist can actualize an absolutely new appearance (almond, square, etc.) and breadth on top of either aloof the one attach you appetite to fix or your accomplished hand. There are no powders or artificial accessories required–just four bottles (a bonder, shaper, builder, and top coat). The action feels not abundant altered from accepting a gel manicure–using a UV ablaze to cure and all–and lasts up to three weeks.

One important note: Because PLEXIGEL is so acerb affirmed to your accustomed nail, you accept to anticipate of it as added of a semi-permanent solution. If you’re accessible to commit, it’s best to get your PLEXIGEL “rebalanced” (aka filled) and accumulate them on instead of opting for removal. “If you were to analyze it to beard service, it’s added like beard color. You would accomplish to the blush and the touch-up appointments,” Arnold says.

Removal for me was absolutely a action including an acetone absorb and electric book so, again, if I could go aback I would’ve aloof kept on the extensions and had them refilled. I now anticipate about PLEXIGEL the aforementioned way I anticipate about baste extensions–you accept to go aback every brace of weeks to bushing them! But it’s account it (just see my mani at the top of this column yourself).

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“I acclaim a bristles minute balmy baptize absorb to abate the nail, pat dry, acclaim file, and again administer a baby bulk of cool glue,” Dr. Lipner says. If you accept had some array of allergic acknowledgment to cement in the past, however, “it is best to awning with a cast until the nails abound out.”

“It absolutely depends on the breadth of the attach split,” Dr. Lipner says. “If the breach is accomplished the tip of the digit, it is best to blow the attach beneath the breadth of the split. If the breach is abreast the basal attach bed, it is best to mend it.”

CND Essentials Solar Oil Affliction Pen


Arnold suggests consistently application cuticle oil daily, abnormally afore bed. “It goes abysmal into the layers of the attach and absolutely will accept a accumulative aftereffect over time,” she says. Dr. Lipner agrees that a nightly moisturizer to the cuticles is essential. Also:”Refrain from acid or blame aback your cuticles. They are all-important to assure your nails from microorganisms,” Dr. Lipner adds.

While you may be tempted to eat some gummies or added vitamins that affiance to abound your nails, “supplementing with biotin will not advance breakable nails in bodies that are not biotin deficient,” Dr. Lipner says. “Do not booty Biotin for your nails unless you accept been diagnosed with biotin absence and it is accurately recommended by your physician.”

“Another advocacy that sounds crazy but is absolutely accurate is befitting your apportionment strong,” Arnold suggests. “You accept to assignment a little harder to get the nutrients and damp to the end of the digit.”

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