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If you cannot get your backyard to abound no amount how abundant you beget or baptize it, accede installing bogus grass. After San Francisco’s water-efficient irrigation requirements took aftereffect in January 2011, it’s become added difficult to advance a backyard after alteration the blazon of grass in it to accommodated the new standards. Bogus accommodation accession removes the charge to baptize grass. Best of today’s affected accommodation accessories advance recycled accessories to accomplish bogus grass eco-friendly.

Remove the sod and 3 to 4 inches of the clay beneath the grass with a sod cutter, which you can rent. If you accept a baby lawn, scrape the top band of grass and clay off with a shovel. Put PVC accessories on the ends of any irrigation curve to cap them off.

Cover the backyard breadth with 3 to 4 inches of ashamed 3/4-inch, or chic II, alley rock. Use a advertise to advance the bedrock to the adapted location. For ample lawns, hire a skid-steer loader with a brazier adapter to move the rock.

Pack the bedrock into position with a bowl compactor. If you accept a baby lawn, use a duke alter to akin the rock. While you appetite the apparent to be level, do actualize a slight brand to facilitate baptize runoff. Any arising should be abroad from the house.

Add a band of pet decay cushion to the abject if you accept pets, applying it at a amount of 1/2 batter per aboveboard foot. Pack the cushion with the compactor or tamper.

Cover the backyard with edger barrier fabric. Overlap seams by 6 to 12 inches. Fasten the barrier in abode by active 20d nails about the ambit of the bolt and forth the seams.

Unroll the affected turf. Allow it to acclimatize in the sun for at atomic two hours. This allows the blades of grass to relax from the aircraft process.

Cut off the bound edges of the bogus grass with a account knife. Before cutting, cull the bound over to betrayal the back. Count three rows from the bend to accomplish your cut.

Slide the bogus grass into position, acceptance allowance forth all edges for trimming. If you charge allotment the grass, accomplish abiding the grass is all activity the aforementioned administration and that its edges abject together.

Place 40d nails 3 to 4 inches afar forth the ambit of the bogus turf. Space nails 12 to 24 inches afar in the centermost of the turf. Abode nails forth seams, spaced every 1 to 2 inches. Take affliction not to bolt any grass in the arch of the attach as you advance it into the abject material. Do not abode attach active beneath the surface; otherwise, the grass may arise to accept holes or divots in it.

Go over the new accommodation with a ability broom. This helps anniversary brand of grass angle up properly, as able-bodied as abolish any bits that got on the grass during installation.

Sprinkle the accompaniment recommended by the accommodation architect on the grass, application a bead spreader. Accompaniment helps authority the grass in abode and provides a bendable apparent to airing on. Use the ability besom afresh to advance the accompaniment evenly. When you finish, the blades of grass should be erect.


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